Frequently Asked Questions

The Water Jet Car stands as a U.S. Coast Guard-approved luxury recreational watercraft, powered by either a Yamaha 1.8L high-output 180hp engine or a Yamaha 1.8L supercharged 250hp engine. Noteworthy features of Water Jet Car encompass adaptable seating, meticulous corrosion protection within the interior, and enhanced maneuverability in the water, ensuring an easier driving experience. These watercraft are equipped with essential elements found in speed boats, including a braker (kill switch), an engine room blower (to ventilate fumes), and navigation lights for safe night driving.

Its just said as another name of Water Sports Car. It can be called by any of these names.

The Water Jet Car offers customers a choice between two distinct engines. They can opt for the Yamaha 1.8L high-output 180hp engine, capable of reaching speeds up to 60mph, or choose the Yamaha 1.8L supercharged 250hp option, which achieves speeds of up to 70mph.

The base models of Water Jet Car commence at $66,000. Extra options are accessible to enhance performance, functionality, and customization. Personalize your own Series X, Series M, Series I, or Series B by exploring the customization possibilities here.

A Water Jet Car weighs something around 1,200lbs with the engine. It can vary depending on many things but thats typically the weight of the Water Jet Car.

A Water Jet Car is 16.2ft long / 6.72ft wide.

Water Jet Car are made of the highest quality fiberglass for protection, durability, and buoyancy.

The interiors of Water Jet Car feature specially treated leather, tan and waxed to prolong the lifespan of the interior while providing protection against saltwater and UV rays.

Ofcourse Yes, a Water Jet Car is suitable for use in a lake. Engineered for light-weight and shallow water bodies like lakes, these vehicles can also navigate rivers and coastlines with ease. Equipped with powerful engines, Water Jet Car demonstrate the capability to navigate through choppy waters.